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Bachelor of Science in Biology - Biotechnology

Bachelor of Science in Biology - Biotechnology

University of Florida

University of Florida, Gainesville, United States
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The biology major combines the faculty and resources of two UF colleges to prepare undergraduates for careers in the biological sciences, advanced study in professional or graduate schools, productive citizenship and leadership, and lifelong learning. The program is comprehensive and flexible, emphasizing the diverse forms, processes and systems of life. Students in the program complete required and elective courses that promote critical thinking through the investigation and understanding of principles and unifying themes that govern living systems. The biology major offers a broader approach to biology than is available through a major in animal sciences, botany, microbiology, plant science, zoology or other specialized biological sciences. The biology major develops fundamental knowledge of animals, plants and microorganisms. The four specializations offered by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences are tailored to meet the needs of preprofessional students, those preparing for graduate studies in biology or specialized areas such as bioinformatics, ecology, genetics and molecular biology and those seeking a career in biotechnology, education, natural resource management and environmental or biotechnology law. Biotechnology prepares students for careers where knowledge of molecular biology and genetic engineering are important. Students will have the opportunity to learn various techniques and scientific procedures in molecular biology, virology, bioengineering, cell and tissue culture and bioinformatics.