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Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña (UNPHU)

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Dominican Republic


The Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University is located at Ave. John F. Kennedy Km. 7 ½, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It is an up-scale campus located in the center of the city on one of the main avenues, with easy access for arrival next to one of the Santo Domingo L2 metro stations.

It has an Advanced Architecture Unit that was conceived as a nucleus for research, development, and implementation of new media, including: strategic research, prototype development, the promotion of the inter-disciplinary relationship with collaborative work, the promotion of collaboration between academia and industry, and the offering of manufacturing services, all for the purpose of contributing  to society.

In this same order, we have a Center of Operations in Objectively Systematized Medical Simulation (COSMOS), a teaching and training space for medical simulation that incorporates pre-hospitalization care.  COSMOS has a dynamic design that allows the performing of sequential practices such as rescue inside the ambulance and transfer to the emergency; and simultaneous practices such as the acquisition of skills through partial dexterity.  It also incorporates the development of complex scenarios that require high-fidelity simulators, and feedback sessions facilitated by an audiovisual system and capture of reproducible data.

We have a clinical laboratory for dentistry with cutting-edge technology equipment, which serves as a tool for our students to develop the technical skills required in the competitive marketplace.  Our school has received delegations from the School of Dentistry of Tufts University, in Boston, United States, with which we have had an international agreement for eight years, which allows students to student academic _____________ (sic) every year to that important American university.

We inaugurated the first Brain Bank in the Caribbean, whose objective is to develop lines of research on neurodegenerative diseases in this country.  We are an institution committed to research and innovation. 

We have two campuses, one located in the heart of the city of Santo Domingo, and the other in the province of La Vega. The Santo Domingo campus has 11 buildings and 7 schools or departments, while the other campus in the province of La Vega has 2 buildings and 4 schools or departments. 

We have the UNPHU Mipymes Center where we have offered 1,352 cases of entrepreneurial counselling to micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, 634 linkages, 170 companies finalized, 129,947 people trained, 13,117 jobs created and retained, and 239,317,887 increase (sic) in domestic sales, which positions us as a Mipymes Center that creates a significant economic impact on the Dominican Republic. 

We have a dental clinic that offers to the internal and outside community in the areas of: endodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, operations, radiology, prosthesis, surgeries, and orthodontics.

Our university has a central library with the spaces of Collective Study Hall.  The hall has a capacity of 160 reading stations, integrated into a common study area and 10 cubicles with capacity for eight people each, that can be reserved in advance for two hours, with the possibility of extending the reserved time depending on demand.

We also have the UNPHU Institutional Information Repository (RI-UNPHU), as an open-access electronic deposit for the institution´s digital documents not traditionally published (such as undergraduate work, thesis, research reports, learning resources created by professor and academic personnel, documents from the institutional memoirs and files, etc.), that contribute to the spread and preservation of the scientific production managed by the UNPHU Central Library.

We have 90 students of 13 nationalities, which is equivalent to 1% of the student population. The extracurricular activities that students do are sports and artistic activities.


The documentation is:

·       Legalized birth certificate

·       High School Diploma

·       High school record of grades

·       3 photographs 2x2

·       Photocopy of national identification card

·       Medical certificate

·       Vaccination certificates for medical students


Transfer students:

·       Admission application form, duly completed.

·       Original legalized birth certificate.

·       Copy of personal and electoral identification card

·       Record of high school grades

·       Minimum accumulated index of 2.8 for Civil Engineering; 2.5 for Medicine and Dentistry, and 2.2 for all other fields.

·       Have a minimum of 15 credits that can be revalidated which are compatible with the UNPHU programs.

·       A cost is applied for revalidated credits.

·       Medical certificate

·       Three (3) photographs 2x2

·       High School Diploma

·       Two (2) official transcripts (record of grades) from the university of origin. One (1) of them legalized in original by the Ministry for Higher Science and Technology Education (MESCyT) in the Dominican Republic.

·       Copies of the study programs, duly stamped by the university of origin.  

·       Two (2) letters of recommendation.

Recent employability statistics (the percentage of graduates who find a job within six months after graduation) are 95%.

University Highlights

Total students - 7,446


Total faculty staff - 522


Total students - 7,446


Total faculty staff - 522

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