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Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH)

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The history of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia is closely linked to the development of medicine, science research in Peru. Its foundation, in 1961, originated when an important group of professors with extensive experience in the teaching of medicine of the University of more prestige until then in the country, had the vision to create a college with high academic demands, contributing to the research in health and life sciences in the country and the world. These doctors visionaries, created the Medical Union of Teachers Cayetano Heredia on 25 July 1961, to begin to operate in the premises of the National Academy of Medicine.

From these initial steps, it was apparent that the support that the international community and the local gave to the founders, in the formation of a new study center for health sciences. The support of the local community is made tangible with the creation of an Economic Board of Trustees chaired by Mr. Enrique Ayulo Pardo. Two months after arduous and incessant work of members of the Union, the Peruvian Government, dated 22 September 1961, formalized the creation of the University of Medical and Biological Sciences, a name that would change after by the current.

In April 1961 he took a first review of income that would serve as a model for other universities in the country. A total of 585 applicants competed for 65 vacant; the entrants, together with those who moved from other universities in Peru and abroad, made it possible to begin classes in May of 1962. The official opening of the new university was held on 18 June 1962, under the management of doctors Honorio Delgado and Alberto Hurtado.

The creation of the National Hospital Cayetano Heredia in 1967 institutionalized the ongoing collaboration between the upch and the Ministry of Health, thus allowing the development of the community medicine by students and professors of the University in an area of influence from the Rimac district up to the province of Canta, in Lima.

The Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia has more than half a century of existence. In these more than five decades we have been able, an important prestige as an institution forming the best professionals in the health sciences, life, the environment and education, and the leadership in research initiatives and transformation in various fields of knowledge, both at the national and international level, of course, the improvement of the context in which we are born: our Peru.

Not satisfied with these achievements, we are permanently in a process of continuous improvement, infrastructure, academic curricula, teaching and teaching methodology, which has given us becoming the first Peruvian university accredited internationally, including teaching, research and management. In addition, in recent years, we have focused on the consolidation of a unit especially designed for the accompaniment of our graduates and its greater transcendence as professionals of our 19 races.

In our various campus, in La Molina, Miraflores, San Martin de Porres, San Isidro and, in the future, Santa Maria, are distributed research and development laboratories in the country, the virtual library on health and life sciences, most up-to-date of South America, four medical, dental clinics, and graduate students and Veterinary Medicine; but in addition we encourage our students' contact with the world through more than 200 international conventions with the best universities and institutes

at the national level, the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia has managed to publish the largest number of scientific papers in the last 12 years, and has received countless awards and recognition through their teachers and Students.

With over 31,000 “Heredians” (Cayetano Heredia students), including both students and graduates, as well as over 1,200 highly qualified teachers, we are acknowledged as Peru’s most important university institution offering training and research in the health and life sciences and in education. More than 54 years’ experience in Peru and countless acknowledgments, both domestically and abroad, back up this assertion and enable us to offer our students important agreements with renowned national and international institutions, many of which are strategic allies in our quest for new knowledge. 

Our Research


"Alexander von Humboldt " Institute of Tropical Medicine

Recognized as a worldwide reference in tropical medicine thanks to its contributions in research of tropical and communicable diseases, as well as due to the Gorgas Courses, which are held on a yearly basis, and gather psysicians from all over the world striving to enhance their knowiedge in this medical fields.

Altitude Research Institute

Its main function is to research the influence of altitude on both human and animal populations living or visiting such areas.The institute performs both teaching and training activities in the areas of its competence.

Institute of Gerontology

It promotes research in geriatrics and gerontology, developing innovative and representative multiciplinary scientific lines in the study of our national reality. Moreover, its performs activities related to teaching, services, social projection training and evaluation.

The University has 8 faculties:

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Sciences and Philosophy

Faculty of Stomatology

Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Public Health and Administration

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Psychology

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry


Our facilities accommodate more than 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students. They include our administration and IT offices, institutes, units and the physical premises of various projects. Furthermore, this is where our research centers and our Cultural and Scientific Center are located. 


Our Central Campus congregates seven of our faculties and the "Víctor Alzamora Castro" Graduate School Likewise, there are the research and Development Laboratories - LID of the Science an Philosophy School, place reconnized national and internationally to be the only one in its style in the country. We also have our Heredian Library, the most important and complete of Peru, regarding health and life sciences matters.


The main feature of our Miraflores campus is that it is a space characterized by its traditional style, wich holds high sentimental value for Heredians, given that it carries the name "Honorio Delgado", in honor of our first Chancellor. At present, it is considered the seedbed of our future students because this is where the Pre-University Training center (Pre-Cayatano) is located. Furthermore, this is where some graduate programs take palce and some research centers and the Scientific and Cultural Center are to be found.


The Molina Campus is the newest and the most modern building of our institution. The Psychology Faculty is located in this campus and it lodges the first two years od studies. Also, some postgraduate specializations are laught in here.


"Center for Scientific, Ecological and Academy Innovation"

Premise of the "Center for Scientific, Ecological and Academy Innovation (CICEA)", which proposes an innovational ecosystem and business venture for the scentific and technological production of the university and the technologic transfer to the productive sector. This campus will provide the opportunity to join the scientific and technologic innovations with those ones of business venture , generating a space where it is possibe to breath Science and Technology reachable to the society, considering the basis of our strengths in research, our index-linked scientific publications, the investment in research and the solid cooperating sources network.


Thanks to our commitment to education and to over 53 years’ experience in academic training, we feel proud that our students are part of a great family, concerned not only for their professional education but only for developing their scientific, artistic and cultural spirit.

The commitment towards all Heredians is to guarantee a comfortable and pleasant environment. For this reason, we offer various types of artistic and sports activities that contribute to their integral education, allowing their participating as part of the artistic ensembles, teams and academic groups representing the university.

Cultural and scientific center

Our institution is committed to the promotion of activities that complement our students’ university education. For this reason, our Cultural and Scientific Center offers the public various events, as well as scientific, cultural and academic workshops that promote the interest for science, art and academic debate.

First-rate university well-being

Our institution has a University Office for University Well-Being (DUBU, by its Spanish initials) that carries out activities aimed at promoting our students’ well being and accompanies them in the process of taking on responsibilities. The main function of this space is to guide our students regarding the use of all the resources and benefits our institution grants them from the moment they enter Cayetano. 

The Cayetano currently offers 19 careers that have an impact on the academic rigor, in the access to the intensive practice, in the development of research as a complement to the practice, and in contact with the reality of the sector at the local and global level.

All our careers prepares students to respond to a global environment. Our approach to integration of knowledge allows students to be enriched by sharing knowledge and seek solutions with other disciplines and perspectives. This is a successful model, with many benefits for the professional development of our students.

To achieve our goals, our postulants are carefully selected. We seek, not only young people eager to learn, but with the skills and attitudes necessary to transcend. The teachers of the Cayetano we put our knowledge and experience to train our students in a highly competitive environment and demanding.

Be part of Cayetano allows them to access virtual elective courses at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain, or to supplement their training by performing a virtual upgrade diploma during his career. All of this, thanks to the more than 200 international agreements it has signed with the best universities and institutes, provides them with an international perspective that will help them to broaden their vision.

And those who want to develop additional skills and knowledge that will complement your training, can access a postgraduate diploma in only one semester. Some careers, such as Chemistry, Nutrition, Biology, Pharmacy, Biochemistry and Public Health and Administration, also offer the option of graduating in two races, consecutively, studying between one and two additional years.

The Cayetano account with research laboratories of last generation, located on their campus of La Molina, Miraflores, San Martin de Porres, San Isidro and, in the future, Santa Maria. In addition, it has four clinics: Medical, Dental, Veterinary and undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as centers for medical services, and the virtual library of health and life sciences of South America.

The Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia is recognized by the national and international scientific community for its important work of research over the years. Graduating from Cayetano is synonymous with quality, professional ethics and solidarity. If you want to distinguish yourself with this stamp and start your story in Cayetano, Welcome to a world of unimaginable possibilities.

Modalities of Admission

Pre-university Studies Center of

Excellence Factor

General Review of Admission

Pre Nursing

Admission extraordinary

Human Talent

National Scholarships,

Internal and External

Innovative professional careers related to the health and life sciences and to education, which promote multidisciplinarity and teamwork. 

Undergraduate Careers

Faculty of Science and Philosophy

Faculty of Medicine


School of Medical Technology

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry


Faculty of Education

School of Public Health and Administration


Faculty of Dentistry


Faculty of Nursing


Faculty of Psychology

Programs available

Undergraduate Faculties/Departments and Programs

Postgraduate Faculties/Departments and Programs

Academic Department of Nursing

Academic Department of Statistics, Demography, Humanities and Social Sciences

University Highlights

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH) is one of the top Private universities in Lima, Peru. It is ranked #701-750 in QS Global World University Rankings 2021.

Total students - 6,551


Total faculty staff - 996


Total students - 6,551


Total faculty staff - 996

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