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Hospitality and Leisure ManagementMain Subject Area

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Main Subject

Hospitality and Leisure Management

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Program overview

Main Subject

Hospitality and Leisure Management

Study Level


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The UAB offers almost 100 Bachelor's Degrees, covering all fields of knowledge. Our bachelor's degrees are known for their quality and international character, as well as for the amount of practical experience students acquire.

UAB bachelor's degrees provide students with a large amount of practical experience, helping them to be better prepared as they enter the professional world.

Some bachelor's degrees are offered fully in English, and many other degrees offer subjects in English.

In 2016, the UAB Barcelona Summer School was created. It offers a wide array of subjects in several fields and takes place from the end of June to the beginning of August. Most of the courses are taught in English, with an option to learn and improve your Spanish as a Foreign Language. Depending on the regulations of each home university, especially if there is a mobility agreement with the UAB, students will be able to transfer the credits earned during their stay to their current degree.

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Tourism - English

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The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is a public university offering:

More than 500 programmes which include:

  • Official Master's Degrees, which provide you with advanced interdisciplinary training and are divided into programmes offering practical training for employment and others specialising in initiation to research. Our official master's degrees are valid in all of Spain and equivalent to the master's degrees programmes in Europe. The research-oriented programmes give access to PhD programmes.

  • UAB-Specific Master's Degrees and Graduate Diplomas. The aim of these programmes is to provide students with an advanced-level, specialised, multidisciplinary education oriented towards professional specialisation. In order to guarantee their academic rigour, they are subject to similar quality control processes to those used for official programmes taught at the UAB. Professors, professionals and external institutions take part in graduate teaching to make sure that courses offer the practical approach that the labour market demands.

Almost 70 PhD programmes in 5 areas of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, Health Sciencies, Sciencies, Social Sciencies and Law and Technological Sciencies.

The aim of these programmes is providing advanced training in research techniques, culminating in a doctoral thesis. They involve preparing and defending a thesis and usually last three years, with the aim of producing top-level academic and professionals.

Some of the UAB’s PhD programmes have received an Excellence Award. The European Doctoral Research Component includes stays in different European countries and the participation of lecturers from foreign universities.

Approximately 30-40% of students come from other countries in both master's degrees and graduate diplomas, as well as PhD programmes.