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University of Mosul

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University of Mosul is a public university located in Iraq - Mosul. The University was established in 1967. The university includes 23 colleges, 6 research centers, 6 consulting offices, 5 Hospitals & Clinics, few museums, a number of directorates, technical and administrative units. There are more than 4281 academic lecturers in university, distributed to sciences and humanities colleges and centers throughout the university. The area of the University is estimated at more than 270 hectares distributed over three areas within Mosul. The University provides advanced programs for higher education in various disciplines at all levels in accordance with high standards aimed at presenting more qualified graduates who contribute to the development of the society economically and socially. In addition, the university shows a commitment to ethical and professional values, creates a stimulating environment for learning and intellectual creativity, supports the human rights, employs technology optimally, and pursues creative research that contributes to building a knowledge society.The University aims to achieve leadership and excellence in the fields of teaching and learning, knowledge production and dissemination, and community service, to reach an advanced position among Iraqi, Arab and international universities.


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